Paul Williamson



       is an Australian poet who has published on a broad range

       of topics in numerous magazines and e-zines in Australia,

       the US, Canada and the UK. His collections are

       The DNA Bookshelf, Moments from Red Hill (with Red Hill

       Regenerators environmental group, To the Spice Islands

       and Edge of Southern Bright (2017).




       Collections are available:

       Edge of Southern Bright via Ginninderra Press web site

       from Collected Works Bookshop Melbourne, The National Library

       via email at, on Amazon or as e-book

       on Amazon Kindle, with The DNA Bookshop and To the                                                        

       Spice Islands. Moments from Redhill can be obtained from or at                                        


       Some poems are given below.                                                        EDGE OF  SOUTHERN  BRIGHT


       Near the Edge


        Above the road is a rusted sheet iron stable

        with a horse outside; an image from past scattered farms

        near where iron stained clay banks stretched Sydney’s water supply

        piped from a century ago. Father worked a stint there.


        On the downhill side market stalls crowd

        the double drive-in theatre normally vacant in daylight.

        Antiques are sold, trash and treasure, pets

        and greasy food, within surfing music from an ageing band.


        Polite people slowly trawl technicolour alleys.

        Spanish speaking South Americans offer jewellery;

        a too-thin man sells cassettes;

        families of heavy islanders scan for bargains;


        slender African youths flaunt jaunty masking walks

        while an old man and woman show horror-hinting faces;

        Muslim fathers herd sons, all in white robes

        while up the road the English theme pub draws another crowd.  


        Published in Quadrant


         at a moment

         when my eyes long to drift


         leafy hues

         city lights surround


         Published in Ribbons (US)




          The noise is curious

          I am drawn to look

          to ghost through the garden

          in early morning night

          with no moon

          or electric light

          with no clouds or factory haze.


           Constellations are bright

           across the acrylic sky.

           Above the horizon a red star

           hovers like a sentry

           while night shines half-day from starlight.


            I have seen this sky before

            above a country river.


            Published in Magic Cat (UK)









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