Paul Williamson



       is an Australian poet who has published on a broad range

       of topics in numerous magazines and e-zines in Australia,

       the US, Canada and the UK. His collections are

       The DNA Bookshelf, Moments from Red Hill (with Red Hill

       Regenerators environmental group) and

       To the Spice Islands (2015). Some poems are given below.




              A dream-clouded figure treads

              the land across the waters where

              lumps of our clay were dug

              from beneath the green–capped sod

              ancestors left in hunger.

              While I muse in the shade of a Eucalypt

              a distant stone built voice

              murmurs I should understand

              while not born through her

              often I see through her eyes

              value unknowing with her mind

              speak in the tones of her voice.


              Published in Quadrant



              at a moment

              when my eyes long to drift


              leafy hues

              city lights surround


              Published in Ribbons (US)




              The noise is curious

              I am drawn to look

              to ghost through the garden

              in early morning night

              with no moon

              or electric light

              with no clouds or factory haze.


              Constellations are bright

              across the acrylic sky.

              Above the horizon a red star

              hovers like a sentry

              while night shines half-day from starlight.


              I have seen this sky before

              above a country river.


              Published in Magic Cat (UK)




                 Books are available from:

              Belgrove Press at

              Australian National Library Bookshop

              Beyond Q Bookshop Curtin ACT

              Botanical Gardens Bookshop Acton ACT



              Moments from Redhill can also be obtained









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